Dominion: Promo

# Card Set Card Type Cost Rules
1Black MarketPromoAction$3+2 Coins, Reveal the top 3 cards of the Black Market deck. You may buy one of them immediately. Put the unbought cards on the bottom of the Black Market deck in any order.
(Before the game, make a Black Market deck out of one copy of each Kingdom card not in the supply.).
2EnvoyPromoAction$4Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck. The player to your left chooses one for you to discard. Draw the rest.
3Walled VillagePromoAction$4+1 Card
+2 Actions
At the start of Clean-up, if you have this and no more than one other Action card in play, you may put this on top of your deck.
4GovernorPromoAction$5+1 Action

Choose one; you get the version in parentheses: Each player gets +1 (+3) Cards; or each player gains a Silver (Gold); or each player may trash a card from his hand and gain a card costing exactly 1 Coin (2 Coins) more.
5StashPromoTreasure$5Worth 2 Coins. When you shuffle, you may put this anywhere in your deck.
6PrincePromoAction$8You may set this aside. If you do, set aside an Action card from your hand costing up to 4 coins. At the start of each of your turns, play that Action, setting it aside again when you discard it from play. (Stop playing it if you fail to set it aside on a turn you play it.)